Introduction points

Guys, we hope you are realize what you doing and you already know what cloned cards is. So, don't ask us wasting time questions like these:

  • Why we don't cash out our cards by ourselves. Actually, we do, but we've got much more dumps than we can withdraw keeping total security
  • Escrow. We don't accept escrow. In fact, nobody accepts escrow in deep web. Just check it out. If you found service which accept escrow - use it, why not? But don't ask us about it.
  • No samples. Send a sample - lose the money.

Otherwise, welcome.

Security terms

We have created a completely secure website, did not use any Javascripts or other unsafe web technologies. 

We send the card completely safe way. Cards can be cashed at any ATM in almost every country in the world like any genuine cards.

All payments in Bitcoin.

But! You have to follow simple precautions upon delivery and cashing cards. You can request some tips of withdraw process, if you need.


Cost Balance Cost Balance
1.1 BTC $2000 +- $500 1.3 BTC €2000 +- €500
1.3 BTC $3000 +- $500 1.5 BTC €3000 +- €500
1.6 BTC $4000 +- $500 1.8 BTC €4000 +- €500
1.9 BTC* $5000 +- $500 2.1 BTC* €5000 +- €500
2.1 BTC* $6000 +- $500 2.3 BTC* €6000 +- €500
2.3 BTC* $7000 +- $500 2.5 BTC* €7000 +- €500
2.5 BTC* $8000 +- $500 2.7 BTC* €8000 +- €500

* Free regular shipping.

If you want to get special offer, we are ready to discuss it.


We can send credit cards almost anywhere in the world. But there are a few exceptions. Please contact us to clarify information about the shipping.

Shipping isn't free. So we need to know where we should ship your order to calculate total cost.

Contact us to make an order


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